Our Story

Our story begins with our founder’s two grandmothers: Milena (aka Mimi) and Vera who played a vital role in her upbringing, teaching her everything from elegance and poise to the importance of women in society. Mimi was a career woman (a professor) and Vera was a housewife who brought happiness and laughter to all. Together, they were the perfect ingredients to bake the “cake” our founder has become today.

When the time came for her to leave her job in the corporate world and start her own brand, our founder wanted to honour these two strong women who helped shape her. And thus, we hope that every owner of a MimiVera coat will carry the magical elegance and happiness which these two women had. 


MimiVera garments, with ethically sourced fur details, cater to career women, ladies of leisure and full time mothers; be it whilst running errands in style, on a night out in the city or après-ski, in the mountains.

We hope every woman who wears our intricately handmade garments feels dainty and regal, as they should always feel.

All MimiVera furs are certified by Sagafurs, a superior auction house sourcing fur from strictly regulated European sources.